Bare Root Roses

Choose an area with good sunshine, air circulation, and drainage.

Roses may be soaked in water 4-24 hours before planting.

  1. Dig a hole 18’’ wide and 20’’ deep.
  2. Prepare a mixture of one part native soil and one part soil amendment. We recommend the use of pre-plant fertilizer with all new plantings.
  3. Build a mound in the center of the hole to support the roots of the plant keeping the bud union 1’’-2’’ above ground level.
  4. Holding the rose upright, backfill half the amended soil mixture. Water well. Complete filling hole. Tamp lightly to ensure good contact between rose and soil. Make a watering basin with extra soil around the perimeter and water thoroughly.
  5. Mound the exposed bud union with mulch to prevent moisture loss. Water as necessary to keep moist until leaves emerge.


For planting roses in containers use a good quality potting soil.

Feed new bare-root roses after the first bloom cycle.

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