March heralds the arrival of spring. Days grow longer and soil temperatures become warmer. March thru October is the fertilization season for most of your permanent plantings — Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Groundcovers.

We like to use an all purpose granular fertilizer such as E.B. Stone Organic, GroPower, Kellogg’s 12-12-12, or GreenAll 16-16-16 for general purpose.


Feed starting in late February or March 3 times a year continuing into Sept./Oct. according to package directions. Try E.B.Stone 7-3-3 Citrus and Fruit Tree Food or GreenAll Citrus and Avocado 14-4-8 with Iron. Cultivate into the soil surface in the drip line of the tree canopy and water deeply.

*Do not cultivate under Avocados.

Deciduous Fruit Trees

Feed after bud break with Citrus/Avocado food 3 times per growing season according to directions.


  • Feed established roses when they have leafed out (4-6 weeks after pruning).
  • Feed new bare root roses after the first bloom.

Try E.B. Stone Organic Rose or GreenAll Rose Food. A monthly schedule is easiest to remember.

Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias

Feed with Specialty Acid Plant fertilizer.

Note: Wait to feed Camellias until after the bloom.


We like to use Organic granular, a time release such as Osmocote, or water-soluble liquid fertilizers – Fish Emulsion, Gro-Power, or Peters. Container plants perform best with regular fertilization.

Perennials and Annuals

Consistent light feedings with Organic or Synthetic All Purpose or Rose and Flower.


Feed all established lawns now with one of our many specialty lawn fertilizers.


Use bone meal or bulb food at planting time.

New Plantings

Use SURESTART Starter Fertilizer (mix into soil under plantings).

Note: to change hue feed Hydrangeas aluminum sulfate.

Note: California Natives and Mediterranean Natives need little to no supplemental fertilization. Some Australian plants cannot handle excess phosphorous. Check yourSunset Western Garden Book.

Note: Never feed a dry plant. Drench soil before feeding then water in well

Many experts recommend, “Water one day – feed the next”.


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