Rose List

La Sumida Rose Field 2023

Our Rose Field has closed for the season. Stay tuned for our inventory of Bare Root Roses, available at the Nursery in January 2024.

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Name Type Color Aroma
Abbaye De Cluny Hybrid Tea Apricot Moderate, Spicy Citrus
About Face Floribunda Bi-Color Orange Bronze Moderate
All A Twitter Miniature True Orange None
All Dressed Up Grandiflora Watermelon Pink Mild
All My Loving Grandiflora Pink Light To Red Moderate Spice
Angel Face Floribunda Lavender – Mauve Fragrant
Anna’s Promise Grandiflora Pink Blush/Copper Spicy
Apricot Candy Hybrid Tea Apricot Spicy
Arctic Blue Floribunda Lavender Fruity Citrus
Avant Garde Hybrid Tea Striped Red/White/Pink Mild
Barbra Streisand Hybrid Tea Lavender Strong Sweet
Bewitched Hybrid Tea Pink Pure Fragrant
Black Magic Hybrid Tea Red Deep Slight
Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Lavender Moderate Fruit
Bolero Floribunda White Old Spice Rose
Brandy Hybrid Tea Apricot Gold Mild
Broadway Hybrid Tea Yellow Reddish Pink Very Fragrant
Burst of Joy Floribunda Orange, Yellow Light Fragrance
Camille Pissarro Floribunda Red/Yellow/Pink Mild Apple
Cathedral Bells Shrub Lavender Fragrant
Celestial Nights Floribunda Deep Plum Purple Moderate
Centennial Star Floribunda Purple Slight
Ch-Ching Shrub Yellow Rich Fragrant
Chantilly Cream Hybrid Tea Soft Yellow Sweet Citrus
Cherry Parfait Grandiflora Cream Burgundy Bicolor Slight
Chicago Peace Hybrid Tea Pink/Yellow Base Slight
Chihuly Floribunda Apricot-Orange-Red Mild Tea
Chris Evert Hybrid Tea Melon Orange Blush Slight
Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Red Maroon Fragrant
DA Alnwick David Austin Soft Pink Medium/Strong
DA Boscobel David Austin Coral Pink Medium/Strong
DA Carding Mill David Austin Pink Strong
DA Crown Princess David Austin Apricot Orange Strong Fruit
DA Darcey Bussell David Austin Deep Crimson Light
DA Emily Bronte David Austin Soft Pink Apricot Fading to Cream Strong Tea Old Rose
DA Golden Celebration David Austin Gold Large Medium
DA James Galway David Austin Light Pink Light Old Rose
DA Lady of Shalott David Austin Orange Medium Tea
DA Olivia Rose David Austin Mild Pink Light Fruit
DA Poet’s Wife David Austin Rich Yellow Strong Fruity
DA Princess Alexandra of Kent David Austin Bright Pink Strong Tea
DA Princess Anne David Austin Rich Pink Medium
DA Roald Dahl David Austin Apricot Medium Tea
DA Sophy’s Rose David Austin Crimson-Pink Light Tea
DA Teasing Georgia David Austin Deep Yellow Medium
DA The Pilgrim David Austin Soft Yellow Medium
DA Tranquility David Austin White Light
DA Winchester Cathedral David Austin White Medium Old Rose
DA Wisley 2008 David Austin Light Pink Light Fruity
DA Wollerton Old Hall David Austin Pale Apricot Strong
Diamond Eyes Miniature Velvet Purple Yellow Center Fragrant
Dick Clark Hybrid Tea Burgundy & Cream Cinnamon Spice
Distant Drums Floribunda Pink Orchid Moderate
Double Delight Hybrid Tea Cream – Red – White Spicy Strong Sweet
Dream Came True Grandiflora Yellow Gold Blush Red Fragrant
Drift Peach Groundcover Light Peach None
Drift Pink Groundcover Light Pink None
Drop Dead Red Floribunda Dark Red Velvet Mild Sweet
Earth Angel Floribunda Soft Pink Fragrant
Easy Does It Floribunda Pink Peach Blend Moderate
Easy Going Floribunda Orange Yellow Bright Slight
Easy to Please Floribunda Pink Fuchsia Moderate Tea
Ebb Tide Floribunda Deep Purple Strong Citrus
Eleganza Beverly Hybrid Tea Pink Strong
Eleganza Fiji Hybrid Tea Deep Cherry Pink Light
Eleganza Oh Happy Day Hybrid Tea Soft Apricot Light
Eleganza Wedding Bells Hybrid Tea Two-Tone Pink Fragrant
Elle Hybrid Tea Multicolor Very Strong Citrus
Enchanted Peace Hybrid Tea Bi-color White/Red Strong Tea
Falling in Love Hybrid Tea Light Pink Fragrant
Firefighter Hybrid Tea Red Velvet Intense Old Rose
First Prize Hybrid Tea Pink Rose Deep Moderate
Forever Amber Floribunda Apricot Orange Fruity
Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Red Bright Coral Fragrant
Francis Meilland Hybrid Tea Pink Shell To White Strong Fruit
Full Sail Hybrid Tea White Fragrant
Fun in the Sun Grandiflora Golden Apricot, Warm Colors Strong
Gingersnap Floribunda Orange Yellow Blend Slight
Gold Medal Grandiflora Yellow Deep Gold Rich Fruity
Gold Struck Grandiflora Yellow Golden None
Good As Gold Hybrid Tea Orange Yellow Mild Citrus
Grande Dame Hybrid Tea Pink Deep Strong Old Rose
Happy Go Lucky Grandiflora Pure Yellow Fragrant
Heavenly Scented Hybrid Tea Salmon Very Fragrant
Henry Fonda Hybrid Tea Yellow Deep Gold Slight
Honey Dijon Hybrid Tea Golden Brown Strong Fruit
Honor Hybrid Tea White Slight
Iceberg Floribunda White Slight
Iceberg Brilliant Pink Floribunda Pink/White None
Iceberg Burgundy Floribunda Burgundy/White None
Ingrid Bergman Hybrid Tea Bright Red Light
Ink Spots Hybrid Tea Velvety Red Fragrant
Intrigue Floribunda Plum Purple Very Fragrant
John F. Kennedy Hybrid Tea White Moderate
Judy Garland Floribunda Yellow Red Orange Blend Fragrant
Julia Child Floribunda Yellow Golden Fragrant
Julie Andrews Hybrid Tea Pink Strong
Jump For Joy Floribunda Peachy Pink Slight
Just Joey Hybrid Tea Apricot Rich Fragrant
Ketchup & Mustard Floribunda Red Yellow Bright Moderate
Lasting Love Hybrid Tea Red Blend Fragrant
Legends Hybrid Tea Red Ruby Moderate Fruit
Lemontini Hybrid Tea Lemon Yellow Intense Lemon
Leonardo Da Vinci Floribunda Rich Pink Fragrant
Let Freedom Ring Hybrid Tea Bright Red Moderate
Life Of The Party Floribunda Pink Yellow Strong
Life’s Little Pleasures Mini-Flora Lavender Moderate Fruity
Livin’ Easy Floribunda Apricot Orange Mild
Love Song Floribunda Lavender Clear Moderate Citrus
Marilyn Monroe Hybrid Tea Apricot Light Fragrant
Marmalade Skies Floribunda Orange Moderate
Maurice Utrillo Hybrid Tea Multicolor Moderate
Medallion Floribunda Apricot Peach Moderate
Mellow Yellow Hybrid Tea Yellow Moderate
Memorial Day Hybrid Tea Orchid Pink Fragrant
Miss All American Beauty Hybrid Tea Deep Pink Fragrant
Moonlight In Paris Shrub Apricot Pink Fragrant
Moonlight Romantica Hybrid Tea Light Yellow Sweet
Moonstone Hybrid Tea Pink Cream Light
Morning Glow Floribunda Soft Gold Light
Mother Of Pearl Grandiflora Pink Salmon Soft Slight
Mr. Lincoln Hybrid Tea Deep Red Fragrant
Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Pink With White Stripes Intense Sweet & Classic
Neptune Hybrid Tea Lavender Blue Fragrant
New Zealand Hybrid Tea Pink Soft Fragrant
Nicole Carol Miller Grandiflora Lavender Mauve Fragrant
Oh My Floribunda Deep Velvet Red Slight
Over The Moon Hybrid Tea Apricot Peach Moderate
Painted Porcelain Hybrid Tea Pink/White Sweet
Parade Day Grandiflora Pink Fuchsia With White Strip Strong Citrus Spice
Parfuma Earth Angel Floribunda Creamy Pink Fragrant
Paris d’Yves St. Laurent Hybrid Tea Pink Lush Fragrant Strong
Passionate Kisses Floribunda Pink Slight
Peace Hybrid Tea Yellow Pink Edge Fragrant
Perfect Moment Hybrid Tea Deep Yellow Broad Red Edge Slight
Perfume Delight Hybrid Tea Pink Deep Rose Fragrant
Perfume Factory Hybrid Tea Soft Purple Very Fragrant
Picture Perfect Hybrid Tea Fuchsia Light
Pillow Fight Shrub White Fragrant
Pink Peace Hybrid Tea Pink Sweet
Pink Snow Flakes Shrub Pink None
Playboy Floribunda Orange Yellow Centers Mild
Playful Happy Trails Groundcover Red Yellow Center None
Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Pure White Citrus
Pretty Lady Rose Hybrid Tea Pink Dark Moderate Strong Peony Spice
Princess Charlene de Monaco Hybrid Tea Apricot to Pink Strong
Pumpkin Patch Floribunda Orange Caramel Moderate Fruity
Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Pink Clear Moderate Tea
Queen Mary II Hybrid Tea White Moderate Tea
Radiant Perfume Hybrid Tea Yellow Strong Citrus
Rainbow Happy Trails Groundcover Yellow Pink Edge None
Raspberry Cupcake Hybrid Tea Soft Pink Fruity
Red Hybrid Hybrid Tea Red
Ring Of Fire Hybrid Tea Orange Slight
Rio Samba Hybrid Tea Yellow Orange Edge Slight
Rock & Roll Grandiflora Red/White Speckled Fragrant Strong
Rosie The Riveter Floribunda Orange-Gold w/Pink Moderate Fruity/Cinnamon
Scentuous Shrub Light Pink Strong
Secret Hybrid Tea Cream Blushed Pink Fragrant
Sedona Hybrid Tea Coral Blend Pink Strong Pear Fragrance
Sheila’s Perfume Hybrid Tea Yellow Pink Tips Fragrant
Shirley’s Bouquet Hybrid Tea White Pure Intense Sweet Rose
Shockwave Floribunda Hot Yellow None
Silver Lining Floribunda Lavender None
Smokin’ Hot Hybrid Tea Dark Orange Purple Smoke Reverse Moderate
Stainless Steel Hybrid Tea Silver Lavender Fragrant
State of Grace Grandiflora Pink Blend Moderate
Sterling Silver Hybrid Tea Lavender Strong Citrus
Strike It Rich Grandiflora Yellow w/Red Swirl Fragrant
Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea Pure White Strong Intense
Sultry Night Shrub Magenta Pink Hints of Blue Slight
Sunblaze Peach Miniature Orange, Pink, Yellow Slight
Sunblaze Rainbow Miniature Orange Red None
Sunset Celebration Hybrid Tea Apricot Cream Blend Moderate
Sweet Madame Blue Floribunda Magenta Sweet Spice
Sweet Madamoiselle Romantic Pink Salmon Rich Strong Fragrance
Tahitian Treasure Grandiflora Deep Coral Pink Light
The McCartney Rose Hybrid Tea Deep Pink Strong Spice
Tiffany Hybrid Tea Pink Rose Deep Fragrant
Top Cream Hybrid Tea Pink White Fruity/Pear/Strong
Top Gun Shrub Dark Red/Dark Burgundy Slight
Twilight Zone Grandiflora Purple Deep Velvet Strong Clove & Spice
Uptown Girl Grandiflora Coral Pink Spicy
Vavoom Floribunda Orange Bright Fragrant
Veranda Fiesta Floribunda Yellow Orange Slight
Veteran’s Honor Hybrid Tea Dark Red Light Raspberry
Violet’s Pride Floribunda Lavender/Magenta Heart Strong Grapefruit
Voodoo Hybrid Tea Orange Pink Sweet
White Lies Floribunda White Fades to Blushed Red Light


Name Type Color Aroma
ZCL Altissimo Climber Single Red Light Fragrance
ZCL America Climber Coral Pink Spicy
ZCL Cesille Brunner Climber Soft Pink None
ZCL Colette Climber Pink Pure Fragrant
ZCL Dawn White Climber White Light
ZCL Eden Climber Pink Cream Pastel Slight
ZCL Eden Pretty in Pink Climber Deep Pink Moderate
ZCL Eden Red Climber Red Light Fragrance
ZCL Eden White Climber White Light Fragrance
ZCL Florentina Climber Dark Red Moderate
ZCL Fourth of July Climber Red with White Stripe Fragrant
ZCL Garden Sun Climber Apricot Cream Blend Slight
ZCL Highwire Flyer Climber Hot Deep Pink None
ZCL Honeymoon Climber Plush White Moderate
ZCL Iceberg Climber White None
ZCL Joseph’s Coat Climber Multi Color Slight
ZCL Kiss Me Kate Climber Pastel Pink Fragrant
ZCL Lady In Red Climber Dark Red Slight
ZCL Lavender Crush Climber Purple, Lavender, Mauve None
ZCL New Dawn Climber Light Pink Light
ZCL Pearly Gates Climber Pink Pastel Pearl Strong Rose
ZCL Polka Climber Pink Fragrant
ZCL Quicksilver Climber Lavender Light Fragrance
ZCL Stairway to Heaven Climber Red None
ZCL Tangerine Skies Climber Dark Coral Orange Fragrant

24″ Patio Tree Roses

Name Type Color Aroma
ZT24 Brilliant Pink Iceberg Patio 24″ Pink/White None
ZT24 Burgundy Iceberg Patio 24″ Burgundy/White None
ZT24 Drop Dead Red Patio 24″ Dark Red Velvet Mild Sweet
ZT24 Easy Does It Patio 24″ Pink Peach Blend Moderate
ZT24 Julia Child Patio 24″ Yellow Golden Fragrant
ZT24 Jump For Joy Patio 24″ Peachy Pink Mild Apple
ZT24 Koko Loko Patio 24″ Lavender to Cocoa Moderate
ZT24 Love Song Patio 24″ Lavender Clear Moderate Citrus
ZT24 Rosie the Riveter Patio 24″ Orange-Gold with Pink Fruity/Cinnamon
ZT24 Silver Linings Patio 24″ Lavender None
ZT24 Vavoom Patio 24″ Orange Bright Fragrant
ZT24 Violet’s Pride Patio 24″ Lavender/Magenta Heart Strong Grapefruit

36″ Tree Roses

Name Type Color Aroma
ZT36 All Dressed Up Tree 36″ Watermelon Pink Mild
ZT36 Barbra Streisand Tree 36″ Lavender Strong Sweet
ZT36 Chantilly Cream Tree 36″ Soft Yellow Sweet Citrus
ZT36 Double Delight Tree 36″ Cream – Red – White Spicy Strong Sweet
ZT36 Drop Dead Red Tree 36″ Dark Red Velvet Mild Sweet
ZT36 Easy Does It Tree 36″ Pink Peach Blend Moderate
ZT36 Falling in Love Tree 36″ Light Pink None
ZT36 Forever Amber Tree 36″ Apricot Orange Fruity
ZT36 Full Sail Tree 36″ White Fragrant
ZT36 Good As Gold Tree 36″ Orange Yellow Mild Citrus
ZT36 Grande Dame Tree 36″ Pink Deep Strong Old Rose
ZT36 Iceberg Tree 36″ White Slight
ZT36 Julia Child Tree 36″ Yellow Golden Fragrant
ZT36 Koko Loko Tree 36″ Lavender to Cocoa Moderate
ZT36 Lasting Love Tree 36″ Red Blend Fragrant
ZT36 Love Song Tree 36″ Lavener Clear Moderate Citrus
ZT36 Memorial Day Tree 36″ Orchid Pink Fragrant
ZT36 Mister Lincoln Tree 36″ Deep Red Fragrant
ZT36 Neil Diamond Tree 36″ Pink With White Stripes Intense Sweet & Classic
ZT36 Neptune Tree 36″ Lavender Blue Fragrant
ZT36 Over The Moon Tree 36″ Apricot Peach Moderate
ZT36 Picture Perfect Tree 36″ Fuscia/Pink Cream Center Moderate
ZT36 Pope John Paul II Tree 36″ White Cream Fragrant
ZT36 Red Hybrid Tea Tree 36″ Red Slight
ZT36 Rio Samba Tree 36″ Yellow Orange Edge Slight
ZT36 Silver Linings Tree 36″ Lavender None
ZT36 Sugar Moon Tree 36″ Pure White Strong Intense
ZT36 Twilight Zone Tree 36″ Purple Deep Velvet Strong Clove & Spice
ZT36 Vavoom Tree 36″ Orange Bright Fragrant
ZT36 Violet’s Pride Tree 36″ Purple Deep Velvet Strong Clove & Spice
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