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La Sumida Fruit Trees & Edibles 2024

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All-in-One Semi Dwarf Remarkable fruit for mild Winter climates. Sweet, crisp flavorful apples. Keeps 2 months in refrigerator. 200 hours.


Anna Semi Dwarf Remarkable fruit for mild Winter climates. Sweet, crisp flavorful apples. Keeps 2 months in refrigerator. 200 hours.
Beverly Hills Semi Dwarf Favorite Summer apple for mild climate areas. Pale yellow, red blush or stripes. Medium size, slightly tart. 300 hours.
Dorsett Golden Semi Dwarf Sweet apple for warm winter areas. Firm, very flavorful. Like Golden Delicious. Early season. 100 hours.
Fuji Semi Dwarf Sweet, very crisp and flavorful, excellent keeper. Dull red orange skin. Fall crop, excellent pollenizer. Less than 500 hours.
Gala Semi Dwarf Sweet tart blend, good pollenizer. Under 500 hours.
Ghost Semi Dwarf White apple sub acid taste pleaser. 300-400 hours.
Granny Smith Semi Dwarf Large late green, crisp tart, good keeper. 400 hours.
Pettingill Semi Dwarf Tart, good for baking & keeping. 100 hours.
Sundowner Sweet, crispy white flesh apple. Late season, self-fruitful. 200-400 hours.


Blenheim Semi Dwarf
& Standard
Time No. 1 Apricot in California. Freestone sweet aromatic flavorful. Less than 500 hours.
Gold Kist Excellent warm Winter, backyard, heavy early bearing (3-4 weeks long). 300 Hours.


Cot-n-Candy Semi Dwarf White flesh apricot-plum hybrid. Incredible flavor sweet. 400 hours.
Leah-Cot Standard Reliable bearer, large/deep orange color 250 hours.
Summer Delight Semi Dwarf Late season reliable annual bearer. Great apricot flavor self-fruitful. 500 hours.


Black Tartarian Medium sized fruit, dark in color. Vigorous grower pollenized with most other sweet cherries. 700 hours.
Lapins Standard One of the lower chill cherries which is self fertile. 500 hours.
Minnie Royal Standard Medium size red cherry, firm fruit with good flavor. Very productive with low chill requirements. A good cross pollenator with Royal Lee. 400 hours.
Royal Crimson Standard Low chill cherry self fruitful dark cherry, good pollenator for all cherries. 300 hours.
Royal Lee Standard Medium to large heart shaped cherry, very firm with

excellent flavor. Good cross pollenator with Minnie Royal.

Productive with low chill requirement. 300 hours.



Black Jack Osborn Prolific
Black Mission Panache “Tiger”
Brown Turkey Violette de Bordeaux
Kadota White Genoa


Jenney Vincent (female)
Tomuri (male)


Dwarf Black


Spice Zee Semi Dwarf Amazing fruit flavor in an attractive tree for the home. One can detect both plum and nectarine traits with ease. Tremendous Spring bloom with dark red leaf in Spring turning to green-red in late Summer. 200-300 hours.


Arctic Star Semi Dwarf White flesh, more disease resistant, early season.

400-500 hours.

Arctic Sprite Miniature Super tangy-sweet, white fleshed freestoned fruit. Ripens late mid season. Spectacular Spring bloom. Self fruitful, 450 hours.
Nectar Babe Miniature Mid-season yellow freestone fruit with sweet, rich flavor. 5’ to 6’ tall. Pollenized by other peaches or nectarine. 400 hours or less.
Panamint Semi Dwarf
& Standard
Red skinned yellow fleshed freestone. Aromatic, intensely flavored, nice acid sugar balance. Late July to early August. 250 hours.
Sol Dorado Miniature Rich nectarine flavor, yellow fruit.Early mid-season spectacular Spring bloom. 450 hours.
Snow Queen Semi Dwarf Sweet, juicy white flesh. Early season freestone. 250-300 hours.


Donut Semi Dwarf Sweet, juicy white flesh, early season freestone.
Babcock Semi Dwarf Large red-skinned, white fleshed freestone very sweet. 250-300 hours.
Honey Babe Miniature Sweet, rich peach flavor. Yellow freestone 5’ tall, early mid July. 400 hours or less.
Eva’s Pride Early season, medium-large, yellow freestone, very low chill hours 100 – 200.
Mid Pride Semi Dwarf Yellow freestone for warm Winter climates. Flavor with dessert quality. Chill 250 hours.
Red Baron Semi Dwarf Large juicy, firm, richly flavored yellow freestone. Double red blossoms. 250-300 hours.
Snow Babe Miniature First Zaiger minature white peach, smooth sweet flavor with plummy aftertaste. Mid-season. Self-fruitful 450 hours.
Santa Barbara Semi Dwarf Large red blushed yellow flesh freestone. Performs well in Central and Southern California mild Winter coastal climates. 300 hours.


Asian Twentieth Century Standard Late season oriental pear. 250-300 hours.
Asian Shinseiki Standard Late season oriental pear. 250-300 hours.


Chocolate Standard Small to medium, oblong shaped with bright red skin. Sweet, spicy and firm brown fruit. Self-fruitful. 200 hours.
Coffee Cake Standard Spicy sweet flavor, ripens 3-4 weeks earlier than Fuyu. Non-astringent and can be eaten firm, pollenize with Chocolate. 200 hours.
Fuyu “Jiro” Standard Medium sized flat fruit ”apple persimmon”. Still hard when ripe. Non-astringent. 200 hours.
Hachiya Standard Large deep orange fruit, acorn shaped. Sweet, flavorful, astringent till soft-ripe. Mature fruit can be frozen and thawed to ripen. 200 hours.


Sweet Treat Plum-cherry cross, sweetness of a cherry with fresh plum zing. Mid season fruit. Needs Santa Rosa, Burgundy Plum, or Flavor King Pluot for pollenizer.


Burgundy Semi Dwarf Sweet red flesh, self fertile. 300 hours.
Golden Nectar Semi Dwarf Amber flesh, low chill for coast. 400 hours.
Late Santa Rosa Semi Dwarf Medium to large reddish purple skin with red streaked amber flesh. Tart sweet with rich flavor. Harvest about one month after Santa Rosa. Self fertile. 500 hours.
Santa Rosa Semi Dwarf Most popular plum. Juicy, tangy, flavorful. Reddish purple skin with amber flesh. Late June-July. Self fertile, good pollenator. 300 hours.
Satsuma Dwarf & Standard Dark red sweet flesh, late Santa Rosa pollenator. 300 hours.


Parfait Standard Cross of plum and apricot. Unique blend of flavors. Pinkish orange skin, crimson and amber flesh, freestone. Small compact tree. 400 hours.


Dapple Supreme Semi Dwarf Creamy white to red fleshed freestone greenish yellow skin w/red spots. 300 hours.
Flavor King Semi Dwarf Unique plum hybrid with sensational bouquet and sweet,

spicy flavor. Reddish purple skin, crimson flesh. Pollenate

with Santa Rosa or Late Santa Rosa. 400 hours.


Flavor Punch Golf ball sized fruit with orange/red skin, bright orange flesh. Sweet tropical flavor, late-late season! Requires pluerry, plum or pluot as pollenizer. 500 hours.


Ariana Parfianka
Eversweet Wonderful
Grenada Wonderful Tree Form

Other Edibles

Asparagus (Mid January)

Jersey Knight Sweet Purple


Baby Cakes Ollalie Triple Crown
Boysenberry Thornless Prime-Ark Freedom
Merion Snowbank


Emerald Peach Sorbet Sunshine Blue Southern
Jelly Bean Pink Icing Top Hat
Jewell Southern Pink Lemonade
Jubilee Southern Reveille Southern
Misty Southern Sharp Blue Southern


Cabernet Sauvignon Flame Seedless Princess
Canadice Seedless Golden Muscat Thompson Seedless
Chardonnay Interlaken Seedless Zinfandel
Concord “Eastern” Pinot Noir


Caroline Red Baba Shortcake

Rhubarb (Mid January)


Strawberry (Mid January)

Albion Quinault Sequoia
Chandler Seascape
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