January 25, 2008

D’s Blog


It’s raining, it’s pouring… It’s wet and it’s cold.  It’s great to get some rain though.

 Today I wanted to remind everyone about the dangers of tramping around on and working with wet soil. We are all anxious to get back in the garden. Resist the urge. Working wet soil (especially clay soil) compacts it and ruins structure for a long time. The earth is very saturated and we need to give it a break.

I am especially frustrated because I still need to finish spraying my roses and I haven’t even started on my fruit trees yet. Which reminds me, if you dormant sprayed right before the rain you will have do it again.

 I am going to use this time as an opportunity to organize my garage and garden shed. Maybe I will sharpen and clean my tools. I also need to go through my garden products and see what I should eliminate and what I should purchase. For a reward I can redo my patio containers on the veranda. We do have a lot of beautiful color in stock. Of course sitting in front of the fire with a book is another alternative.

 It’s pretty quiet at the nursery during the rain. We use the time to clean, redo and organize.

Hope to see you all soon, D



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