April 19, 2008

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 We are all busy putting in our spring veggie gardens, or redoing our landscapes before summer vacations but we don’t want to forget  to take time to check out the magnificent California landscapes “Mother Nature’s Garden”. Some of the most beautiful countryside you will see anywhere in the world is in our own backyard.

Last weekend my husband and I (along with our dogs) went for a little spring drive up Alisos Canyon Road to Foxen Canyon. At every turn in the road each and every view was more gorgeous and awesome. The hillsides were bathed in Blue Lupine and huge patches of  Purple Vetch. We saw Queen Anne’s Lace, Shooting Stars, Indian Paintbrush, Sticky Monkey Flower, Gilia,  Miner’s Lettuce, and Owl’s Clover, just to name a few.
It was a wonderful bright sunny day and with the windows down you could hear the song of the Meadowlarks as we slowly cruised by. As we drove by the fields of grape vines I couldn’t help but wonder about the enormous job of pruning those thousands of vines, all perfectly done. What a lot of work.
Anyway a few things not to forget:
  1. Binoculars
  2. Bird and wildflower I.D. books
  3. Notepads
  4. Map
  5. Lunch
  6. If you bring your pooches: leashes, water and poop bags.

Here are some websites to check out before you go:

Other areas to check
  1. Antelope Valley to the California Poppy Reserve ( is just starting to bloom)
  2. Drum Canyon Rd. off 246 is very nice

Don’t wait too long. This show does not last forever. Relax and enjoy.

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