July 7, 2008

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Hello everyone
I didn’t think we needed to see any more pictures of the Gap fire but I did include a picture of flame colored flowers. This is a picture of my Rothschild Lily climbing through  my Marmalade Bush.
The news from the fire seems better for Goleta today. It was quite a scare. Just about everyone should be home soon. They lifted my evacuation order Saturday afternoon so I was able to water my garden. I was relieved that the Carmello tomatoes I started in pots for the Tomato Tasting did just fine. I normally water my containers on Fridays, but everything is o.k except for the ashes. 
After you get your walkways and house clear of ashes it is time to hose off your plants. They will really appreciate it.
Wildfire prevention and preparedness is on our minds this week. We all want to reduce or prevent wildfire damage to our homes and property. We have good resources for information available to us.
 The city of Santa Barbara has a Firescape demonstration Garden  at 2411 Stanwood drive on the corner of Stanwood drive and Mission Ridge Rd. It’s open daily with free admission.
Our friends at San Marcos Growers have a great page on their website. Check out
Santa Barbara County Fire department  department has a great plant reference guide at
The entire site is a valuable. For plant list hit Fire Prevention and Plant Reference Guide.
Other sites I like:
Take care, D
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