Bare Root Asparagus

Make sure to keep Bare Root Asparagus crowns moist after purchase. Don’t skimp on bed preparation. Your asparagus will produce 10-15 years and it likes rich soil. Choose a sunny location with good drainage, preferably at the rear of the garden (asparagus gets tall.)

  • Amend the soil with a planting mix like Soil Booster. Dig a trench 8-10” deep. If making more than one trench space 4’ -6’ apart. Save some amended soil on the side of the trench. Work in a pre-plant fertilizer such as Sure Start. Mound the soil in the bottom of the trench about 2”.
  • Place asparagus crowns 12” apart spreading roots over the mound. Cover crowns with 2” of soil.
  • As tips emerge fill soil around them. Eventually the Asparagus bed will be raised slightly above the soil level. Keep well irrigated the first year.
  • It takes asparagus 2-3 years to reach maturity. Do not harvest the first spring. Allow root mass to develop and shoots to become ferns. The second spring harvest for 4-6 weeks. The third spring harvest for two months or until the spears get small (about 3/8″ thick.) Always harvest the spears at ground level. The ferns turn brown in the fall. Cut them back then. New shoots will appear in the spring.

Feed asparagus in the spring when shoots emerge and again after harvest is complete.

Don’t be intimidated by the instructions. There is nothing as good tasting as freshly picked asparagus.

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